Save the Dates

April 12-18, 2021

KCFFI Filmmaker Info Page-
Schedule will be posted Saturday

Use the links below to send in your film, RSVP, get your badges,
buy a t-shirt, book a discounted hotel room

We will continue to add info to this page. If this page does not answer your questions, please email your Filmmaker Liaison.


This is an AMC requirement: they want an approved vendor to handle all film print deliveries.

Please read the below instructions carefully to ensure Simple DCP receives your film by MARCH 12. DO NOT MISS DEADLINE

Steps to Submit Your Film: 

Simple DCP will offer our filmmakers a 20% discount on DCP creation services. There will be no charge for filmmakers who submit a compatible, pre-existing DCP to Simple DCP, but note that Simple DCP will no longer be archiving 3rd party DCPs. Thus, if you are supplying your own DCP to a Simple DCP sponsored festival, you’ll have to re-supply a DCP copy to each festival through their upload service specific to each film festival.

Every DCP already in the Simple DCP archive will be integrated into partner festivals free of charge. 

For this year’s [YOUR] Film Festival, Simple DCP will collect, create (if necessary), test, and ship all DCPs to the exhibition venue in an organized and efficient fashion.  Please see below each step to complete the process:

FIRST:   Fill out your print submission form (REQUIRED).Use the following [YOUR] Film Festival print submission link to notify Simple DCP as to whether you need them to create a DCP for you OR you are simply sending them a pre-existing 3rd party DCP via this link:

SECOND: Send your film to Simple DCP. After completing the above print submission form, you must send your film directly to Simple DCP. The portal will instruct you how to deliver your content based on your preferred delivery method. You must complete the print submission form and upload/ship your material to Simple DCP via the above link no later than MARCH 12. Discounts on the Simple DCP service will end after MARCH 12  and consolidation fees will be assessed on films delivered after MARCH 17.

THIRD Simple DCP will then create all new DCPs and gather all pre-existing 3rd party DCPs to ensure that each film will screen without any unforeseen playback issues.

FINALLY Once quality checks have been completed, Simple DCP will ship all films directly to the venue.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above process, please email Simple DCP at or call them at 213-375-8327 for assistance. 

2. We Need Your R.S.V.P & Director Badge Info by March 12

What passes/badges are available?
1- One All-Access Director’s Purple Filmmaker Badge is available to the attending Director: which is good for all movies (including the Director’s film) and access to the Filmmaker Lounge. Directors also receive two additional free tickets to their own movie to share with whom they choose.  You will receive them when you check-in at Filmmakers Check-in.  Do not lose tickets. Lost tickets can not be replaced.  You must RSVP to your Filmmaker Liaison to get the Director’s Badge.
2- The All-Access Gold Pass,  is $45 and allows you to get tickets for all the movies you can and daily access to the Filmmaker Lounge during “Open Use” hours. Note-some events are reserved for a specific reception tied to a specific film.  Order Gold Passes here when they go on sale March 9 
3- The Blue Filmmaker Badge, is available for purchase for $10 by filmmakers who worked on a film in the festival.  It gives them daily access to the Filmmaker Lounge where complimentary food and drinks are available each evening.
Buy them at Filmmaker Check-In during the festival.

3. Order Your Festival T-Shirt by midnight on March 12

Pre-ordered Fest T-Shirts are guaranteed.
Limited number of shirts
will be available for 
sale at festival 

4. Discounted Hotel Link

Email your Filmmaker Liaison if the hotel is out of discounted rooms, so we can check for more.

5. Events to be listed here