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Filmmakers Lounge

All times are CST - Requires one of the three KCFFI passes to watch.

Filmmakers have been invited in groups to watch each other’s films and attended their scheduled slot to talk with one another about their films.   We did this in 2020 and the filmmakers said it was one of their favorite things to be a part of!  In order to allow for easier discussion, we do ask for one filmmaker per film (the Director, or if there are several Directors they can attend) We will have the Virtual VIP Filmmakers Lounge open Friday night from 5-6:45PM  CST

Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday, 8:30-9:30PFILMFILMMAKER
Documentary Short46 YearsCatherine Hoffman
Documentary ShortFirst MonthJohn Crowther, Curtis Whitear
Documentary ShortGod’s PlantJeremy Seifert, Malek Asfeer
Documentary ShortLion on the MatAsali Echols
Documentary ShortSaving Skylab: America’s First Space StationMatt Alsup, Wes Pellerin
Documentary ShortThe Romey Lynchings: A Story of Lebanese ImmigrantsJosh Sabey
Documentary ShortYear OneErin Bagwell (unable to attend)
Monday 8:40-9:40PFILMFILMMAKER
Documentary Short5×7Michele Citoni
Documentary ShortBetween Heaven and a Hard LandMatthew Wilcox
Documentary ShortThe Lakota DaughtersVictoria Kupchinetsky
Documentary ShortBecause One DayAref Mahabadi (unable to attend)
Documentary ShortNo Page for DalitsWesley Shrum, Antony Palackal
Documentary ShortSnowyKaitlyn Schwalje , Alexander Lewis
Documentary ShortThe Sun Still ShinesRita Blitt
Monday 9:40-10:40PFILMFILMMAKER
Documentary ShortA Slice of CavettJoseph Gugliotti
Documentary ShortGreen Cheese MoonColleen Andrae
Documentary ShortEchoes from Lock OneBranda Miller
Documentary ShortFriends of DorothyBrydie O’Connor
Documentary ShortGrowing to HealJeremy Seifert
Documentary ShortOne Heck of a GameKaren DeLuca Stephens
Documentary ShortThe Most Beautiful Trail in AmericaDave Baumann, Davis Yates
Monday 9:50-10:50PFILMFILMMAKER
Documentary ShortDANCE HOUSE KOGANE4422, Past & FutureRyosuke Sato
Documentary ShortDiary of a Teenage ZealotMegan Smith
Documentary ShortFairtownKristian M Day
Documentary ShortThe spider crabTristan Francia
Documentary ShortWhen Shadows Hint DeathAdam Smith
Documentary ShortWERichie Wolfe
Documentary ShortYou are always 20Christer Wahlberg

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday 9:00-10:00PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortFace MaskDaniel Allen, Adam Huber
Narrative ShortHow to Fire Someone (with Jules and Jonas)Mike Lars White
Narrative ShortNegligentMats Bjerknes
 Narrative ShortRoad DogsVictoria Peralto Cruz
Narrative ShortThe Legacy SessionsWilliam D. Ashton
Tuesday 9:15-10:15PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortForgive Me, FatherJona Schlosser
Narrative ShortIn The Meantime, With YouConner Evert
Narrative ShortNEUL未知ND (The Unknown)Eddie Shieh
Narrative ShortRoutineRuss Emanuel
Narrative Short The Other MorganAlison Rich
Tuesday 10:10-11:10FILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortGeneration Suicide: The DoseWilliam McNeal
Narrative ShortIslanderDerek Pastuszek
Narrative Short Niles Dean lives in a parking space under the bridgeRobbie Tann
Narrative ShortSide EffectAndrea Shreeman, Renny Grames
Narrative Short The Phantom FirebirdSam Senser

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wedneday 9:00-10:00PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortGoodbye HomeJonathan Chong
Narrative ShortjkHowie E. Kremer
Narrative ShortOne For The DitchDavid Gilna , Louis Maxwell
Narrative ShortBlue HorizonTom Beaver 
Narrative ShortThe Princess Pleasure PrincipleThe Princess Pleasure Principle
Wedneday 9:10-10:10PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortGoodbye my sonYuichiro Nakada
Narrative ShortKing AlphaJohnathan Brugal
Narrative ShortParadoxGlenn A. Pratt
Narrative ShortSorrow’s WayBen Lawson
Narrative Shortthe rageAurélien Mathieu, Samir Mokeddem
Wedneday 10:10-11:10PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortGraduationRobin Wang
Narrative ShortLocked AwayRyan McChesney
Narrative ShortPeachesMark Baumgartner, Dustin Hawkins
Narrative ShortStay Don’t GoBrian Velsor
Narrative ShortThe Sands of TimeJames Hughes
Wednesday 10:15-11:15PFILMFILMMAKER
Heartland StudentApparitionGeorge LaHood
Heartland StudentEarly Mourning BrunchKimberly Girkin
Heartland StudentEnvironmental RacismNathan Goswick
Heartland StudentLAS VEGASAmanda Amodeo
Heartland StudentPhantomsJared Goudsmit
Heartland StudentRuth & Nick: A Confectionery TaleCarter Rostron
Heartland StudentWomanVy Nguyen

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday 9:15-10:15PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortGreen LuckEmanuele Daga
Narrative ShortMAN OF FIREHeather Schmidt
Narrative ShortPeculiar, MissouriSasha Santiago
Narrative ShortStray DogsAdam Gascho
Narrative ShortThe SnoopTom Hipp, Scott Hipp
Narrative ShortA Father’s WishJacob Clark


Thursday 10:00-11:00P






Narrative ShortHaikuMartin Gerigk
Narrative ShortMICKEY HARDAWAYMarcellus Cox
Narrative ShortRainbow BoulevardIshan Parikh
Narrative ShortSynonymous WithThom Hilton
Narrative ShortThe Virtual End: ShockShannon Phipps, Amy Motta, Blake Stowe
Thursday 10:20-11:20FILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortHome of my memoriesJavier Méndez Lafón
Narrative ShortMonroeCorey Piper
Narrative ShortRebelPier-Philippe Chevigny
Narrative ShortThe 2000s Are Back… With a Vengeance!Eric Wang Schwager
Narrative ShortThree Men Named MantasJames Mackenzie

Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday 9:00-10:00PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortHow I Choose to Spend the Remainder of my Birthing YearsSarah Lasley
Narrative ShortMonument (KCFF)Joshua James Johnson, Tim Maupin
Narrative ShortRecipiphanyEric Cloughley
Narrative ShortThe Cleaner and the Pizza GuyDevin Clarke
Narrative ShortUnknownZach Boehm
Friday 9:15-10:15PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortHow To End A ConversationGregory JM Kasunich
Narrative ShortMust Love PiePatrick Clement
Narrative ShortRematchRafael Barreiro
Narrative ShortThe Confession Of BeuningenArjen Schotel
Narrative ShortWalksAl J. Moran
Friday 10:10-11:10PFILMFILMMAKER
Narrative ShortHow to Fall in Love in a BrothelSunhui Chang
Narrative ShortMy HeroLogan Jackson
Narrative ShortRIDESam Findlay
Narrative ShortThe Infallible Art of DeflationAlberto Olivieri
Narrative ShortZAP!Philip C. Sedgwick