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April 12-18, 2021

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KCFFI 2022 Schedule

All times are CST. Top Section is Narrative Features and Docs. Scroll down to find Short Films

Monday, April 25

4:00PM  Hearts on Fire: Return to Competition

4:10PM    Solitary Confinement 

5:55PM    39 Seconds

6:50PM    Bonnie Thunders: That Beautiful Moment


7:25PM    The Milly Project


8:50PM    Millennial with a Cane

Tuesday, April 26
4:00PM    A Crack in the Mountain

4:15PM    I Want My Kid Back: Treating Emotional Dysregulation

6:00PM    Class of COVID-19

6:10PM    Hearts on Fire: Return to Competition

7:00PM    Missouri Stories

7:30PM    The Big Bend

7:35PM    Holidays at All Cost

8:00PM    Peter Case: A Million Miles Away

9:00PM    The Best Day of Your Life

Wednesday April 27
4:00PM    Mango House

4:10PM    One Last Drop

4:15PM    Sound Mechanic


7:35PM    Do Not Hesitate

9:15PM    Those of Us Left Behind

Thursday, April 28
4:00PM    Overland

4:05PM   Thomas A Peeper

6:50PM    One Pint at a Time

7:10PM    Balloon Animal

7:15PM    Rez Metal

7:25PM    Keep the Cameras Rolling: The Pedro Zamora Way

8:35PM    Almost, Sorta, Maybe


Monday, April 25 5:50 PM Monday, April l 25 6:00 PM
Shorts # 1 Slice of Life Shorts # 2 Brain Cleanser
I Hate You YuanYuan
Two Sides Hands
As de Trèfle Helpful Monsters
Flyover Two Metres
The Devil Will Run Billy
  Jack of All Lanterns
  Home Suite Home
  A Change of Song
Monday, April 25 8:25 PM Monday, April 25 9:15 PM
Shorts # 3 It’s About Power Shorts # 4 Ha! Wait, What?
Victim No. 6 Crabs in a Bucket
We’re Not Together How to Behave at a Party
Back of House Little Package
The Den Short Finding Keanu
Saint Grady (Animatic Trailer) HEART LAND
Unmanned The Holy Word
Tuesday, April 26 6:00 PM Tuesday, April 26 9:15 PM
Shorts #5 What Would You Do? Shorts #6 Quirk as an Asset
Sound Off Helen’s Nose
Don’t Be Scared Johnny The Dime
Waking Up to This Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star SQUARE
Vanderchap Kid Nap
Fresh Dirt Second Wedding
  Chicken & Roses
Wed April 27, 5:30 PM 
Wednesday, April 27, 9:15 PM
Shorts #7 Don’t Look Away Shorts # 8  Existential 
Kody Switch ALBACORE
Wuhan Driver God in the Sky
Type A Woman To Woman
Pictures Only JUNE
The age of reason Tsunami
Thursday, April 28 5:30 PM Thursday, April 28 8:45 PM
Shorts # 9 For Better and Worse Shorts # 10 Sci-Fi
Coming Out with the help of a Time Machine Crusoe
Shift First Kiss
Break Any Spell Distance
Tricksters Broadcast
Get Well Soon PALETTE
  House Call


Monday, April 25 4:00 PM  Tuesday, April 26, 4:20 PM
Short Docs 1  Short Docs 2
1414 The Age of Agile
American Alien The Story Of Farmschool – The Best Is Yet To Come
Sin Miedo Aqueducts
The American Frontier  
Dear Heart of Glass Kids  
Tuesday, April 26, 4:05 PM Tuesday, April 26, 5:30 PM
Short Docs 3 Short Docs 4
Gifts from our Father Lalito 10
Ink-Stained Elvis of Laos
Little Soldier Ea La Mar’s
The Ginger Witch  
Wednesday, April 27 4:05 PM Wednesday, April 27 6:00 PM
Short Docs 5 Short Docs 6
Underdogs So That Others May Live
Goodnight Mr. Vincent Van Gogh
 Added Years
land and flower 
ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught)
  One Drift and We All Go Home
Thursday, April 28, 5:30PM  
Short Docs 7  
A Different Kind of Different  
Love, Barbara  
Rat Tail  
Mr. Ashley Lived Here  
Faces After Suicide  


Monday, April 25 9:00 PM
Heartland Student Shorts
Bird Lady
The Tin
Until Tomorrow