Reel Spirit Winning Films 2019

2019 Winning Films

We are happy to announce the winning productions listed below in ABC order

A Red Flower

Adventures of Clay

Aging Spray

Big City, Bright Lights

Car Crashes

Channel 97 News

Day Zero

Diet Cupcakes


Friendship Among Chaos

Fun with Science

Hamster Dog

HHE7 News-Gummy Bear Madness

Heroes Around Me: Ma and Pa


How to Stay Safe on Halloween

Kindness Ninjas

My Strange Sports Habits

Money Making Incorporated Network Company


Ocean Pollution (PSA)

Ocean Pollution  (STEAM)

Our Town’s Name

Panda Endangerment

Plastic Pollution

Pollution Hurts Sea Animals

Rumor Busters News

Save the Ocean

Seals Foam


The Asteroid

The Effects of Screen Time

The Bus Stop

The Heist

The Light Fight

The Missing Piece

The School Super Heroes

The Scribble Pop Pen

WVE News-No More Homework

Tongue Twister

Trouble in Big Iron Town

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March 19, 2019