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Join our supporting cast and you will become an important part of Reel Spirit’s mission to engage, educate, and empower student filmmakers in grades 2-12.

In the words of Nikos Theodosakis, filmmaker and educator, “We need filmmaking in our classrooms, not to graduate filmmakers, but to graduate problem solvers, critical thinkers, and passionate people who can work with others to make that which does not yet exist, real.”
Contributions support Reel Spirit educational workshops, camps and the showcase. Over 1400 student filmmakers involved in the Reel Spirit: Young Filmmaker Showcase since 2006, have shown their original cinematic productions to authentic audiences.

Amazing things have happened through students’ creative efforts and the Reel Spirit: Young Filmmaker Showcase. The documentary of Gigi Harris is having a profound impact on people in San Mateo, Belize. Her film prompted Engineers without Borders to champion the cause and rallied financial support to build a much-needed road to replace wooden planks over disease-infested waters.

On a local level, films have brought awareness to students about topics such as bullying, the hearing impaired and the dangers of texting while driving. Their films bring smiles, tears and social action to their audiences.

Support today’s young filmmakers becoming responsible adults of tomorrow by volunteering for youth film camps or with a donation.
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Students realized the real world experiences of filmmaking. This program highly motivates students to go beyond filming. Students are involved in collaboration, writing, planning, and building technical skills. The award ceremony is an excellent way to involve students, teachers and community. Thank you for offering this outstanding program!

Name for publication: The Shaved and the Shadowed
Art Instructor, Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Reel Spirit is the real deal ! We have participated for the last six years and have no regrets. My students do a filmmaking unit in the fall semester and we use the Reel Spirit competition as an authentic assessment for the class. Students are given the Reel Spirit judges rubric before they start their film project so they are able to avoid the more common mistakes made in filmmaking. We screen all films before sending them off and my students benefit greatly from the critical eye of their peers. Students look forward to the judge’s comments about their film.

Every student that has been fortunate enough to attend the Showcase in Kansas City have all come away with big smiles and lots of pride in their work.

As an instructor I have broadened my knowledge in filmmaking from the workshops and the experience of the Reel Spirit Showcase. The whole Reel Spirit journey has lifted my ability to teach the art of filmmaking to a level that would have been impossible to reach on my own. This will be my last year teaching and I will miss all the originality, elaboration, problem solving, planning, research, communication and fun that my students pour into their films as young filmmakers.

Bart Gulshen

Gifted Instructor, Camdenton Middle School

The Reel Spirit competition has helped my students learn different aspects of film making as well as improved their communication and direction following skills. The detailed critiques are a great way to learn from your mistakes and improve on your next project. Using this competition in your classroom is a great way to increase student motivation and give students exposure to the world of filmmaking, beyond the school walls. Using film in my classroom allows me to teach kids about teamwork, communication, and technology in a very real world way.

Name for publication: Knightly Knews

Martin Kelsey

Sixth & Seventh Grade Teacher, South Valley Middle School