Tribute Screening in Honor of Director Andy Anderson, Learning Curve (aka Detention)10:55 am – Saturday, Theater 9

Tribute Screening in Honor of Director Andy Anderson
Run Time: 93 Minutes

Mr. Anderson, a KC FilmFest alum, former International Advisory Board Member and long-time friend of the festival.

A deliciously dark comedy that proves teacher really does know best. When substitute teacher, William Walmsley, discovers how truly difficult it is to teach in a contemporary public high school, where students, lawyers, and political correctness, make it impossible for passionate educators to do their job, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Recruiting several of his most “deserving” pupils, Mr. Walmsley creates a summer school to end all summer schools, in which students musts learn, to survive. GOOD-BYE, MISTER CHIPS meets MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, in this alternative vision of education reform(atory) from the boldly irreverent mind of Andy Anderson.

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