Save the Dates

April 12-18, 2021

“Kansas City Film Festival is a model for how to become creative in what are otherwise horrible circumstances. The decision to continue with the festival and convert to online was a courageous one, especially considering all of the security risks and unknowns and the fact that so many other festivals decided to postpone or cancel rather than go virtual. You all were able to pull it off with very few hiccups and also provided a wonderful opportunity for all of the filmmakers to share their work with each other and audiences well beyond the Kansas City area. It was so wonderful to do Q &As with the audiences right after the viewing and to have them moderated by competent and generous folks. Thank you all for a beautiful experience from start to finish!…”

E. Patrick Johnson
Executive Producer, Narrator, Author of the book on which the film was based,  MAKING SWEET TEA

“I agree with everyone – I was so thankful you kept the arts alive.  Also your communications was GREAT.  And your Q&A was the best, and so much fun.  Kansas City Filmfest was a bright star during a dark time.  I’m forever grateful. Thank you!”

Cressandra Thibodeaux

“We were a little unsure how it was all going to work, but you guys pulled it off splendidly! Surely, a great model for other festivals who are thinking of going Virtual this year. We so appreciate all the press you were able to bring our film—getting on TV, (twice!) was a real thrill! And while we couldn’t experience sitting in the theater with an audience, the Q&A was a terrific substitute. It was handled so well and a lot of fun. And it was great to see so many people taking part in the experience. Of course, the awards were an unexpected, but amazing surprise. All in all, it was a superlative experience! BUT, having been to Kansas City several times, I look forward to attending the old-fashioned way—in person—in the coming years! “

Mark Stolaroff


“Thank you so so much for a wonderful experience at KC FilmFest International. I am so grateful to your team for holding the festival online during these uncertain times. It was great experience to connect with fellow filmmakers, audience members, and the team at KC FilmFest. I look forward to meeting you all in person and absolutely participating in the festival in the future! “

Brydie O’Conner