Friday, April 16, 6:30PM

Followed by a live Q&A with Director, Chris White and Actress, Shannon Hutchinson

ELECTRIC JESUS,  directed by Chris White

Starring Brian Baumgartner, Judd Nelson, Claire Bronson, Rhoda Griffis, Shawn Parsons, Andrew Eakle, Shannon Hutchinson, Wyatt Lenhart, Gunner Willis, Will Oliver, Caleb Hoffmann, Alan Wells
It’s the summer of 1986. Erik (Andrew Eakle) is the shy, quiet type—but far more passionate than most teenagers when it comes to God and rock-n-roll. His dream comes true when he is asked to run sound for his favorite band, 316—a Christian hair metal band made up of older kids from his church. 
After a blistering performance at a church camp talent show, 316 is introduced to a flashy Christian Rock promoter (Brian Baumgartner) with a plan to take the band on the road. Complications arise when a woebegone pastor’s (Judd Nelson) daughter, 16 year-old Sarah (Shannon Hutchinson), stows herself away in the band’s RV after a church performance in Alabama. Once discovered, Skip must keep recalcitrant Sarah along for the next couple of weeks on the road—which turns out to be plenty of time for the talented girl to emerge as the band’s muse, head-turning opening act, and Erik’s first love.